#nisdNOV8 #losethedesk Series

#LoseTheDesk #nisdNOV8 Series- March 31st - May 22nd

Integrated Approach Part 2
(Vision Renewed)

Tuesday's Question:

The "no limits" and "any path, any pace" possibilities that today's technology provides our students redefines present approaches to instruction. Share ways that is changing or has changed as a facilitator of learning. #nisdNOV8

Thursday's Question:

Children needing role models at the same time our roles are changing can be daunting. What are ways you support yourself in this change? Please share resources, stories and ideas. #nisdNOV8

Week 7:
Integrated Approach
(Vision Re-visited)

In the continued #losethedesk series we will discuss the vision for integration. To get this discussion rolling we are sharing with you a portion of the "Creating a New Vision for Public Education" initiative that was penned by several superintendents and educational leaders in Texas (including our Superintendent Dr. Rue).

Tuesday Question:

In the "Creating a New Vision for Public Education" we are focusing on the portion identified as "The New Digital Learning Environment":

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B719zui4hJZHcXEyWTZIeHJMSVU/view?usp=sharing What are your thoughts and reflections? #nisdNOV8

Thursday Question:

The "Creating a New Vision for Public Education" was written in 2008 just as the first iPhone was being sold. How have we progressed in integration, how can we continue to progress? #nisdNOV8

Week 6:
Mobility in the Classroom Part 2

May 5th-n May 9th

Tuesday Question:

What has been the biggest benefit for instruction since acquiring an iPad?

Thursday Question:

What have you utilized most with Doceri when delivering instruction? Why? What do you want to explore next with Doceri?

Pinterest Board of Ways Teachers are Using Doceri:


Mobility in the Classroom

April 28th- May 1st

Tuesday Question:

What tools are you utilizing to allow for more mobility in your classroom? #nisdNOV8 #losethedesk

Thursday Question:

How is Doceri impacting S/T relationships? Is your story similar to this professor's story (below) @ Penn State? #nisdNOV8 #losethedesk


Digital Organization #iPad Style

April 21st- 24th

Tuesday Question:

How are you organizing your iPad? Please screen capture and share. Why? #nisdNOV8

Thursday Question:

When organizing what is your process to determine how to arrange apps? i.e. efficiency, instruction, accessibility, etc. #nisdNOV8

Week 3:
Customizing and Personalizing our Mobile Learning Device (iPad)

April 14th- April17th

Tuesday Q:

In what ways have you personalized your iPad to best utilize its resources? (please share pics!) #nisdNOV8

Thursday Q:

What are your guidelines for determining whether something is appworthy or not? #nisdNOV8

Week 2:
"Leading Innovative Change..." by @gcouros

March 7th -10th

Read the article "Leading Innovative Change" @gcouros for this week's #nisdNOV8 FlexEd Chat

Tuesday Question:

In regards to the article "Leading Innovative Change" @gcouros what does the quote above mean to you and your approach to instruction? #nisdNOV8

Thursday Question:

What is the culture of innovation in your classroom? Where does the ownership lie? #nisdNOV8

#OurVoice: George Couros at TEDxBurnsvilleED

March 31st- April 3rd

Tuesday Question:

Watch this amazing TedTALK #OurVoice with George Couros. What do you think? #nisdNOV8

Thursday Question:

What change must happen in classrooms to provide the authentic audience mentioned in the quote below? #nisdNOV8

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