By: Mirna Lopez

Drop Cookies

Drop Cookies are cookies that need to be scraped or dropped from a portion or ice cream scoop to the cookware.

Rolled Cookies

Rolled cookies are chilled before being rolled out & cut into different shapes & sizes.

Icebox/Refrigerator Cookies

Molded Cookies

Molded cookies are cookies that are shaped before or after baking.

Bar Cookies

Bar cookies are baked and then shaped into ling bars and cut.

Pressed Cookies

Dough for pressed cookies is put into a tube with interchangeable tips for different shaped/ sized cookies.

How to achieve a crisp cookie:

Crisp cookies have very little moisture in the batter. If you want a crisp cookie you should start with a stiff dough and a high ratio of sugar.

How to achieve a soft cookie:

A soft cookie has a low ratio of fat and sugar in the batter, and a high proportion of liquid, such as eggs or syrups. Syrup retain moisture after the baking process, providing a soft texture.

How to achieve a chewy cookie:

Chewy cookies need a high ratio of eggs, sugar, and liquid but a low amount of fat.

Why is sugar important to cookies?

Every ingredient in a cookie is important for different reasons. Sugar stabilizes eggs so they keep their volume during baking. Sugar also allows for a cookie to be crunchy when you bite into it, but still dissolve in your mouth.

Safety & Sanitation

When handling food you should always make sure to keep your work area and yourself clean and sanitary. Before you begin baking you should wash your hands thoroughly and, if you have longer hair, you make sure your hair is tucked away in a pony tail. Next, you should make sure you are using clean mixing bowls, utensils, and pans when you bake. You should also make sure your work space is clean and organized. It is a good idea to clean as you go so you have less to do at the end.

Cooling Cookies

After baking, cookies should be placed at room temperature and sit until they cool completely before they are stored.

Storing cookies

After cooling completely cooking should be placed in an air tight container away from moisture. They should not be refrigerated. Cookies have the best flavor and texture for only a few days.  

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