Dividing Mixed Numbers!

Dividing any kind of numbers can be difficult to some. Mixed numbers are terrible for these people. Their grades can suffer because of it. Anyhow, we're going to learn how to divide- you guessed it- mixed numbers. After this lesson, I'm sure you will find them much easier to deal with.

Key Terms & Vocabulary

Before we get started, there are a few key terms & vocabulary you will need to know.

For example, DIVISION means-






The Process

#1) The first step to ________________________ mixed numbers is making them into ______________ fractions.

#2) Next,_________ the _________________ sign into a ______________________ sign.

#3) After that, flip the __________________ improper fraction so that the number that used to be the ____________________ is now the ______________________.

#4) After this, simply _________ ____________________ the two numerators, then do _______ _________ with the two denominators.

#5) Finally, you can simplify the problem by ____________________ the ________________________ by the __________________________. For example if the fraction  came out to 160 over 80, you would divide 160 by 80 and  the answer would be 2.

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Example Problems

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