What the body hides

An activity done by Raquel Ramón Cuenca and Isabel Mª Torralba Llamas, students of the University of Murcia Primary Education degree, in Research and ICT subject organized by Linda Castañeda Quintero =)

What is the topic about?

The topic of our activivty is "the skeleton and muscles".


This activity is going to be carried out by children between eleven and twelve years old, from six course of Primary Education.


The activity is going to be developed in Science subject.

Basic competences

- Linguistic competence: this competence will be developed because the activity is going to be done through the communication, representation, knowledge and organization.

- Processing of data and digital competence: in order to process information and solve problems through technological resources.

- Learn to learn: is the ability to start in the learning and be able to learn effectively and in an independent way.

- Autonomy and personal initiative: the ability to imagine and develop projects with creativity and responsibility as well.


The main goal of the activity is to get that children learn the lesson about the components of our body and how they work. Also is important they learn to use technology in an academic and autonomous way.

Remember: recognising and locating the components of the body.

Understanding: they have to understand the general topic.

Applying: editing videos and collages about the activity.

Analysing: organising themselves and structuring all the activities.

Creating: making and inventing with the different activities done in class with the use of technology.

Tools and apps

The tools that we need for this activity are six tablets, one for each group, given by teachers.

It's neccesary that each tablet have installed the apps that we need, which are Pic Pac Motion, PicsArt and YoutTube.

Short description

The main objective of our activity is to teach children the names and the location of bones and muscles of our body. Also, we want them to learn how they work.

Children will learn to work by themselves creating the activities.

They will use PicPacMotion doing a video Pics Art doing a collage and Youtube uploading their videos.

How would be the activity?

First session: example of the leg part.

Second session: example of the leg part with voice.

Third session: collage about the muscles and bones.

Four session: evaluation.


1. Genliang G. (2014, March 10) PicPac- Demo video and tutorial #picpac [video file] (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIe8IlfikoY)

2. Artavazd M. (2013, September 23) How to make photo collage with PicsArt [video file] (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMHN3mnO69U)

3. Raquelisa bilingue (2014, May 18) First session(stopmotion) [video file] (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMZSCGArlHA)

4. Raquelisa bilingue (2014, May 18) Second session(stopmotion) [video file] (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FuVuXGZApI)

5. Raquelisa bilingue (2014, May 18) Four session evaluation(stopmotion) [video file] (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgHuIQickas)

6. Ramón Cuenca R. and Torralba Llamas I. (2014, May 18) Collage about muscles and bones [image]

7. Beforeandaftertv (2008, October 9) How to upload a video to Youtube [video file] (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9w-gQAwS2uc)

8. Casajuana Botines R., Cuells Monillor E. and Martínez de Murguía Larrechi Mª. J. [2009]. Medio natural social y cultural. Murcia: Vicens Vives.

9. Torralba I. (2014, May 23) BBC education news tt (stopmotion). [video file] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBcugFfSeOQ#t=11)

10. Escarmena Tejada, J. [2008, March 6] "EL BOSQUE PERDIDO" _Banda Sonora de un sueño_ [music file] http://www.jamendo.com/es/track/144258/el-bosque-p...

Fair's day!

Development sessions

This activity and the resources are under the licence of CreativeCommon.

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