Samantha N. Christine T.

Period 1

March 20, 2015


 In the solar system there are many planets but none are like the planet Venus. Venus is the second planet next to the sun. In fact its distance from the sun is 108 million kilometers away. Did you know Venus does not have any moons? This is one of the reasons Planet Venus is so interesting and there are many more reasons to come. Over many years, about 40 different space crafts have explored it, digging up samples and taking pictures.

These Spacecrafts have found out many things we know today about Venus. The rotation period of Venus takes about 243 Earth Days. The revolution is 225 earth days so that means, a year on Venus only lasts for 262 days! The composition of Venus is a terrestrial planet, and the atmosphere is made mostly of carbon dioxide which probably makes that orange color you see in the image, but in reality it is grey. The mass of Venus is 4.87 x 10 (24) kilograms. Some more interesting facts about Venus is that it spins backward and, has phases similar to the moon because its orbit is between Earth and the sun.

Here is an image about what we are talking about in the previous description. It shows Venus between the Earth and the sun but if you look closely you can see Venus in one of its "moon" phases.

This is an image of what one of the spacecrafts might have looked like. For more information on Venus visit the links below.

  These are the many interesting facts about Venus, including how big and how far away from the sun it is.We learned that Venus can go through moon phases, and can even spin backwards.We hope you enjoyed our Tackk and are interested in learning more about Venus.

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How long does a rotation on Venus take?