Astronomical Love

Our love lives somewhere between bad poetry and drunk texts. I visit you in the jail cell labeled dreams, I cut my bare feet on the broken glass covered road named memories to get there. Once a month I get a phone call from depression and once a month I cave into its charming way of making my bed seem like the grass we used to lay on in the summer while we exchanged promises through open mouths and tangled tongues. The moon reminds me of your eyes not because of its shape or its luster but because it has become my favorite thing to stare at when I'm feeling lonely and sometimes I think I can see tears as I pray for a day when I don't think about your eyes. It's funny how I see you everywhere even though I haven't felt you anywhere in months. It's not the places we used to be it's the moon and all the stars because they light up the dark night sky. I was the sky when its black and you were the stars that the night sky woke up because it was so tired of being alone in the dark, I always wondered how you could be a million things at once. I guess you wondered too because you took all your stars and put them in a jar and called it the sun, and I could only look at you from so far away before it started to hurt. You left burns on my heart but I tried to get closer anyway. All too soon the universe pushed us apart and I turned my tears into oceans and my pain into mountains. Maybe that's why the Earth is so far away from the sun. Maybe a long time ago the sun and the moon fell in love and they rose and set together, and maybe they suffered a tragic heartbreak so the moon fell into a perpetual darkness and the sun exploded into a million tiny stars at night to keep the moon safe. Maybe one day you'll combust into your million different stars again and someone will love them all. I am not the moon and you are not the sun, but you were so much more, you were my universe.