Technology And Healthcare 2025

With the advancement of technology, the healthcare can be affected in many ways such as nanobots, surgery, cancer and much more.

The two videos below give a detailed explanation of how nanobots will help in advance medical care and how it can help with cancer cures.

The video below shows how surgery will be performed in the future, with the surgery being performed with way they're are two possibilities, one there could be more jobs created to control and handle these machines or two jobs could be cut  because of the increase in technology allowing for faster performance.

Five incredible developments that could happen by 2025

1-High-Tech Prosthetics(Michelle Leach, 15 june 2013)

2- New Human Organs Could Be Custom Made in the Laboratory(Michelle Leach, 15 june 2013)

3- May Be a Cure For Alzheimer’s Disease(Michelle Leach, 15 june 2013)

4- Tiny Nanobots Could Patrol the Bloodstream to Fight Cancer, Other Diseases(Michelle Leach, 15 june 2013)

5 - Cancer Treatments Will Advance, Although Not to a Total Cure(Michelle Leach, 15 june 2013)

Reference LEACH, M. (2013, June 15). 10 Incredible Health Tech Advances Possible By 2025 - Listosaur | Hungry for Knowledge. Retrieved December 1, 2014, from

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