MY Income+Career Goal Investigation
By: Romel Pierre
Computer Science Class - Period 4
Completed: 07 March 2014

According to the results on my survey I am Realistic, Conventional. The results of the three career was Police Officer ,Locomotive Engineer, and Diesel Mechanic.

From going into more thought about what I like the most and what interest me the most was I found out that Diesel Mechanic is my type of thing.


I will need to complete high school and get a high school diploma or a Equivalent.I will need long term on the job training.

The income level for a Diesel Mechanic are at the following link.

Diesel Mechanic

I want to work in California, I want to attend UTI Universal Technical Institute for my training in Diesel mechanic. The link is below to UTI

UTI- Universal Technical Institute

I am happy to see my life change and work on my dream

What do you think? Let me know