Job Description - Chef

Who do you report to?

   The line of "chef command" has a few different levels. The lowest are assistants, apprentices, and chefs. Next up are the sous chef and the chef de partie. Finally it is the executive chef and he reports to the owner of the restaurant/company.

Why do we even need them?

   The reasons we have chefs are obviously to cook. They prepare meals behind the scenes and run the kitchen so said meals can be made. The executive chef is the 1st in command and makes sure that the kitchen runs smoothly and the sous chef is 2nd with a similar job. Finally the chef de partie is pretty much in charge of the waiters and getting food out on time.


   Like any other job there are qualifications to be a chef. With technology chefs are expected to use many different sorts of appliances. In some cases you may need to know how to operate vehicles for catering, food trucks, military service, etc. Chefs are also expected to have a high standard for hygiene and cleanliness for obvious reasons. They must also be flexible for different work schedules and they must be physically able to stand for long periods of time.


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2 years ago

It sounds like it would be cool and fun to be a chef!