The Graphs of ,United States  Great Britain, France, and Germany

Bar graph representing military deaths by country-Germany-  France-Population

(millions)  39.6.Military Death 1,357,000[17] to 1,397,800[21]Civilian deaths (military action and crimes against humanity)40,000.[3][22][23] Civilian deaths(malnutrition and disease,excluding Influenza pandemic)300,000[19] Total deaths 1,697,000 to 1,737,800 Deaths as% of population 4.29%to 4.39% Military wounded 4,266,000[20. U.S.-Population millions 92.0, Military Death 116,708[37[38], Civilian deaths(military action andcrimes against humanity)757[39] Civilian deaths

(malnutrition and disease,excluding Influenza pandemic)0, 117,4650.13%204,002[37]

Line graph representing civilian deaths by country-

Line graph or bar graph representing cost of WWII to each country, in billions-

Pie chart representing the victims of the Holocaust-