The Berlin Wall

Who- The wall was built by the government of East Berlin, which was a communist city

What- The Berlin Wall

Where- In between the cities of East Berlin and West Berlin in East and West Germany

When- The wall was built on August 12th and 13th 1961. The wall was torn down in 1987.

Why- Germany divided in to two separate countries, East Germany and West Germany. The city of Berlin was split in half because it was the capitol of Germany before the split.  The people of East Berlin realized they did not want to be ruled by the Soviet Union and communism, like East Germany, So they left to West Berlin. East Germany leaders were worrying that to many people were leaving.  

Summary- The Berlin Wall was built by the communist government of East Berlin to stop people from leaving to go to West Berlin, which was not ruled by communism. The wall was up from August 13, 1960 to 1987. The wall was in between the cities of East and West Berlin. Berlin was torn apart because after World War II Germany divided and Berlin was the capitol so they divide in to East and West too.

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