Decision Making Model

Step 1: A student that is not so popular invited you to a sleepover on Friday. you are also invited to attend another party the same Friday night.

Step 2: go to the sleep over, go to the 2nd party, stay home.

Step 3: hurt someones feelings, make someone happy.

Step 4: may lose friendships.

Step 5: I am going to the first party.

Step 6: I kept all my friends and made someone happy.

Marie is passing all classes except science. She plays basketball after school. This summer she can participate in a special science Camp. Or she could participate in a basketball camp that takes place during the same week.
2. She could go to science camp or basketball camp.
3. She could get better at science or get better at basketball.
4. If I go to the science camp it will probably make my parents proud and I will get better grades.
5.i have decided to go to the science camp so that I can be on the team.
6. I am happy that I made the decision to go to the science camp because now I am on the team and I have good grades.

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