guatemalan government

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  • 1-  What groups are involved, who had the power?

the Government, Guerillas, Army and wealthy, Americans and Peasants. The Army and wealthy had the power at the beginning of the game.

  • 2-   How the balance of power shifted and why?

the Army and wealthy had the power during month 1. Then Americans invaded Guatemala with military during month 2. On month 3 the Government took over.

  • 3-   How was cooperation and conflict shown in the game (violence/corruption/war)?

Cooperation and conflict was shown during all 3 months of the game. The government made a treaty with the Americans so they could help us gain the peasants double votes.  But the Americans went behind the governments back and invaded Guatemala. When the Americans took over they  got all the power and wanted all the groups to do what they say. The Americans wanted all Guerillas to go to jail. They also wanted the Government to become peasants, and the Army and wealthy could either die or join the Americans army. The americans would also give the peasnats welfare.

  • 4-   What role did the US have on the simulation?

At the beginning of the game the US tried to sign a treaty with the government and they also gave the peasant money. When the US took over Guatemala they made all decisions. The US had all the control at the end of the game.

  • 5-  What happens to a country when power shifts, is the effect positive or negative?

When the power shifts it  effects the country negatively. When Guatemala has full control the country runs well. But when the US took over  it messed up how Guatemala runs.  When the Government and Army and Wealthy were running the country they made all the decisions.  The US had full control at the end of month 3. 

In the real world Mexico and the USA show how power shifts. The US tries to control what Mexico does so they try and fight back. People from Mexico try to bring drugs and other illegal items to the US and people from the US that get caught try to go to Mexico where the US can't get them.

  • 6-  Apply this information to YOUR LIFE! What relationships do you have in your life, how are cooperation and conflict evident? Provide a minimum of 2 examples.

The cooperation and conflict in my life are my parents. The conflict between me and my parents is when I we fight. When my mom and me disagree on something it turns into a very heated argument. If I want to go to a friends house and she won't let me go we start to fight. If my mom tells me I have to do some chores before I go to a friends I do them then go to my friends house. Another  conflict is  if my dad tells me I can do something then my mom says that I cant. I do what my dad said I can do and don't listen to my mom. When I listen to my dad and not my mom she gets really mad because she is the one that wants to make the decisions. If I don't listen to my mom she gets very mad and doesn't allow me to do anything until I listen to her. If I listen to my dad and not my mom they get into a fight over how I should listen to what my mom says and not my dad.

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