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NoFollow Links NoFollow links supposedly don’t pass motion animation pro review. So, people like to say that NoFollow links are not worth getting. However, a link is a link is a link. Nobody is naturally going to get all DoFollow links, so you want to mix and match getting NoFollow and DoFollow.
Ways of Link-Building:
Guest Posting I really like guest posting because it has many more benefits than just SEO. First off, in order to be able to write a guest post for blogs, you need to be a good writer. If you’re not a good writer, then maybe it isn’t the best thing for you. You also need to set up good relationships with people. The truth is that most bloggers are lazy. It helps their site when they have high quality content coming in, not just from them. A lot of bloggers will get started hot and they’ll write all their content themselves. Then after a while, they’ll be like, “Dang. I really need help writing posts.” So, they’ll look for people to do guest posts for them. Depending on who you post for, they might mail to that post. So not only will you get a link from that site (which is ideally a relevant site with the proper anchor text), you’ll get actual traffic as well.
Web 2.0 Properties Guest posting is really fun, but you can’t really get that many links at once. Writing blog posts is a time intensive thing. So our real core of our strategy revolves around web 2.0 properties. Basically, a web 2.0 property is a site that allows you to post your own content. Some examples of web 2.0 properties are sites like Squidoo, the hosted WordPress sites, motion animation pro review, Blogspot, and the wiki sites. There are literally like 300 hundred. Since they are constantly being updated with thousands and thousands of new pages of content every single day, Google considers them to be super-high quality. Squidoo is

a page rank 8, for example. Granted, the page that you create on Squidoo is not necessarily going to be page rank 8, but it is going to be high quality. So, we’ll write a high quality article and post it onto Squidoo, then have that article link back to our site. Or, if we can get away with it, we’ll spin an article and we’ll post it to just Google. That’s for people who are either lazy or cheap. It’s not really a long-term strategy.
Link Reels This is a nifty little strategy that we use. Basically, if you want to make a link reel, you create a piece of content on Squidoo and you link that piece of content back to your main money site, either your home page or a deep link. Then you have that Squidoo lens link to another web 2.0 property. So, it could be another Squidoo lens; it could be a wiki page; it could be an article that you’ve written elsewhere. It could be any piece of content on a web 2.0 property. That piece of content links back to your main money site and then links to yet another web 2.0 property. But they don’t reciprocate links. It goes around and around in a circle. It ends up looking like a bicycle wheel, where you have the money site being linked to by every web 2.0 property and each web 2.0 property links to another one. That basically passes authority between all of those web 2.0 properties and makes each one a little bit more powerful. Since you link all of those back to your main money site, it helps a lot. So that’s a big part of what we do and it works extremely well.
Spamming Web 2.0 One of the cool things about web 2.0 properties is that, since there’s so much content being posted on them all the time, you can build a whole bunch of spammy, lowquality links to them and they don’t get penalized. It just gets mixed up in the mash of the thousands of other posts. Since, everyone’s doing it, it’s impossible for Google to be like, “Oh he’s doing something wrong. Stop him.” It just works really well.
Link Building for Links We’ll even build links to our web 2.0 properties. We’ll build links to our links, basically. That will make them even more authoritative, which passes the authority back to the main money site.

That’s something called link laundering, which sounds really illegal. But it’s not, I promise you. Though I guess people would consider it black hat. Usually the way you do that is you use lower-quality links than the initial ones, just because it’s faster and easier. So, the links could be on social bookmarks, through article marketing, forum profiles and that kind of crap.
Article Marketing A lot of people will tell you that article marketing is dead and I think that’s the absolute truth. If you’re writing high quality articles, posting them to article marketing sites, and expecting them to get picked up and used, that isn’t a good use of your time. However, those links are still good. So we like to do it in bulk. We’ll use two pieces of software. The first one is called The Best Spinner and the second one is called motion animation pro review.

The Best Spinner
The Best Spinner spins your content, so that you can post it to like a 1,000 different article directories and it will be a different piece of content each time. Now, granted, it’s low-quality content. I guess you have to really consider the ethics of doing it. They’re trying to crack down on that kind of stuff so you want to usually spin it really well so that it makes sense, it’s not total gibberish. If you don’t want to spin it all, then just get written content, but that can be expensive and time consuming.
Article Marketing Robot
Article Marketing Robot takes that spun article and then it submits it to hundreds of different article directories. It does this at different time intervals, so that looks natural and everything. We’ve used article marketing like this on some of our sites and it’s worked exceptionally well. It’s also very auto-pilot. So that’s just something to try. If you’re afraid of using it on your main money site, then I would just use it on your links.
Social Bookmarking Social bookmarking sites are sites like Delicious. is a free tool that automatically submits your site to social bookmarking sites. It works pretty well. Sometimes, we’ll buy social bookmarking services from Wiki Fire (a really awesome site for buying SEO services)

We usually do one round of social bookmarking our sites and then we use that to build links to our links.
BLACK HAT SEO The truth is that any link-building is black hat, according to Google. Google is all about this natural, invisible hand of link-building: the higher quality stuff will rise to the top naturally. This is total crap. If anybody actually believes that, they should be hit in the face with a sledgehammer. If you say, “Oh, I’ll let Google decide what’s the higher quality stuff and I’ll be okay,” you’ll lose every time. You’ll get outranked by everybody.
Common Black Hat Tactics All black hat tactics will eventually not work, in theory, but here are a few of them:
ScrapeBox If you have a WordPress blog, you probably get tons and tons of spam comments that are total gibberish and make no sense. That’s ScrapeBox. It will find other blogs and tell you if you can comment on them or not. Then it will let you comment on them automatically, for example, if the site has auto-approved comments. So people will put links in these auto-approved comments. Those are just more lowquality links that you can back to your other links. Sometimes, we can use ScrapeBox in a white hat way. It can be used to do research, like finding blogs with page ranks that have comments, so you can manually post comments. That’s usually a better way to do it.
Forum Profiles Any time you have an account on a forum, you get a profile and usually you a get a link to your website. There’s software that does that all automatically, so you’ll get like hundreds of thousands of links from these things. But it’s super low quality and super spammy. So that’s another thing that you would link to your links with. People say it’s not as effective anymore and that’s probably true, but it still works. Otherwise, people wouldn’t be doing it.

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