Inferences from: The Horned Toad Author: Jackie Mims Hopkins

Created By: Catiyah Sharpe

Inference 1:

On page 1 in the picture it looks like she lived in the desert and happy being a cowgirl and farming.

Inference 2:

On pg. 9 it looks like she was mad about losing her hat in the well and thinks she going to have to tell her dad that she lost her hat in the well.

Inference 3:

"I'll fetch your hat for three small favors."  On pg. 10

That the frog is going to trick her into  agreeing with him so that he gets what he wants out of her.     

Inference 4:

"Good point toad,"  Reba Jo said " You've got yourself  a deal." On pg. 11

That she agreed to the deal and that the frog is going to do something bad to her.

Inference 5:

" Well howdy, mister toad. What brings you here?" On pg. 15

Her dad is going to let the horned toad in and Reba Jo is going to have to do the favors she promise in the deal.

                                                              THE END

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