Sierra leone

There was a civil war in Sierra leone. It was around the time of 1991-2002. Young men were being used for war. They were also given drugs so they would go crazy. They were given brown brown it’s a mixture of cocaine and gunpowder.

During this situation there was two rights that were broken. Article 5: No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. The second right that was broken was everybody has the right to a education. These young men were given no rights and were forced to fight.

They were abducted out of the homes. There beaten, sometimes killed, and even forced to take drugs. The General Assembly of the UN created this. To prevent this in the future. That kids won't be used for this.

Amnesty International has started a group to end this. They try to collect money to help by these kids food. They go in and visit a lot. They also try to bring kids back with them.

There are lots of fundraisers that you can donate to. You can even join a lot of groups. Take trips to these places and see hands on. You can get in contact with the young kids and talk with them. Or get into one of the rehabilitation camps.

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