What parts of the world are most vulnerable to drought?

Droughts can occur anywhere in the worlds but most often in Mid Latitudes, like Middle Africa, the Middle East, areas in China, India, southern South America, and southern North America.

Why there?

Drought is anytime the rainfall is much lower than the average. Some places may be hit harder by rainfall though. Little rainfall, overpopulation and depletion of little water, seasonal monsoons leaving areas dry most of the year, irrigation of rivers depleting resources all cause droughts, this happened to the Aral sea, irrigation shrunk the sea tremendously destroying the environment and causing widespread drought in the area.

Costs in life and property?

Lack of water in poor countrys can kill millions who cannot afford or get access to water. Dehydration can kill in just 2 days so drought stricken countries have much higher death rates.

Drought also causes famine as crops need a large amount of water to grow and irrigation can have long term affects because of the draining of reservoirs , lakes and rivers.

How did people prepare and adapt to drought?

Storing water in reservoirs and dams during times of non-drought can leave plentiful water when drought happens. Controlling the use of water. Careful use of water and government restrictions on use of water. For example many cities put restrictions on how often you can water your lawn.


Lack of water vapor in the atmosphere is one of the most common types of drought. This is because the water vapor is where rain comes from.

Only .003% of water is drinkable.

In the Horn of Africa a massive drought killed 750,000

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