Properties of Matter

Mass is the amount of matter in an object

Volume is the amount of space an object takes up

Weight is a measure of the force of gravity between Earth and an object

Buoyancy is the upward push on an object by a liquid [or gas] the object is placed in

Density is the measure of how tightly packed matter is; the amount of mass contained in a given volume

Conductors allow heat or electricity to travel through readily

Insulators do not allow heat or electricity to flow throgh easily

Solubility can dissolve into water

Magnetism means it is attracted to a magnet

State of Matter is any of the forms matter can exist in

Melting Point is the temperature at which a solid changes to a liquid

Boiling Point is were the temperature at which liquid transforms to a gas

Freezing Point is the temperature at which a liquid changes state to a solid

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