Nickel (Ni)

"If you had a nickel for every reason you should buy nickel you'd have a lot of nickels"
- Nick Vonderhaar


-Nickel has a atomic number of 28 and an atomic mass of 58.69 amu.

-Average isotope has 31 protons, and a neutral atom of (Ni) has 28 electrons.

- Slow oxidation means it is rust proof, making nickel ideal to make waterproof alloys such as stainless steel.

-Nickel composes most of earths core, and its mostly mined in Africa.

- Is used to make coins, plating goods, rechargeable batteries, magnets, and it makes the superalloy in jet turbines.

- It costs 39 cents per ounce, and banks 4.0 on the mohs hardness scale.

By Nick V. and Fletcher A.

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