For Intro. To Special Eduction
By: Cassidy Pascal

Did this class meet my expectations?

YES! Like the quotes says above, I feel this class exceeded my expectations. I did not know I could get this much out of a class that was extremely short and online. I liked seeing everyone's projects on the various subjects. I especially liked that we got to use a new technology tool each time because I felt like that was extremely engaging for all of us and that just comes to show how the use of technology in the classroom can be very useful for us when we are all teachers.

Did I meet the expectations I gave myself in this class?

I believe I did. Some of my goals were to finish everything on time, participate in the class, and do my best because I knew that what I put into it is what I would get out of it. And I was so right! I stayed ahead on most of the assignments which was really nice because I was able to take my time and really make them the best that I could. In addition, I really felt part of the class and I was able to get to know some of my classmates through looking at their projects. I am glad that I invested my time and effort into this class because I learned a lot!

How did I grow?

I grew by just keeping myself accountable. I think that is the main thing that needs to happen to be successful while taking online classes. It is way too easy to not do your work or to slack off and let things pass you by. Because it is not like any other class where you have to go to class and your teacher is reminding you of projects and assignments that are due coming up soon. In addition, you have do really read and understand the projects because there is not someone that is going to explain it to you verbally, so a lot of times you end up figuring it out on  your own. But that was so good for me--I needed that. That is how I grew a lot this semester and in this class.

What did you learn?

Like the above quote says, part of what I learned through this class is how to learn. I especially learned how to teach myself something. I did the research and the discovering as opposed to having a teacher telling me things I need to know. I felt that this method was extremely effective because I think I retained a lot more information the way that this class worked rather than just taking quizzes and doing homework. So, I also learned a teaching technique that I would like to try. :)

Learning Experiences I Will Take With Me as a Future Teacher

Dr. G's attitude about the course was a great first introduction to the course. I could tell that she was so excited to start the course and teach us things. That enthusiasm was contagious and I soon felt excited to learn what she was wanting to teach us. So, I think the general positive attitude of the course is something that I will never forget and will take with me as a teacher. In addition, I will take away from this class a greater knowledge on how to adapt my teaching style to all sorts of different learners, especially special needs students that I might encounter as a future teacher.

What did I think of the course?

I really enjoyed the course and I already talked about how much I enjoyed the teacher!! I liked that their were not very many assignments, not because I did not want to do a lot of work but because I felt I could really focus on main ideas and did not have to work on busy work and get distracted from that. I really liked the way that we did complete the assignments. I liked that we posted them in a discussion board so we could look at our classmates' assignments too as opposed to just turning it in to the instructor.

Any Changes?

Overall, I do not think that this course would need any huge changes. Maybe a little more facilitated discussions for the classmates. I felt we just posted our assignments and then did not have a discussion about it. I also thought it was kind of weird how everything was not worth very many points, but it did not affect me at all, so it was probably just something I was not used to.

This class has been fun, sad to see it's over.

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