Checkouts   By: Cynthia Rylant

Johnathan Mitchell   Core:1   10-8-14

Do you think the girl in the story might like the boy as much as she thinks she does?

The setting of the story checkouts is based in a grocery story.

The boy in the story is a nice and kind boy who likes the girl and is to shy to tell her. The girl in the story is also a nice person but also gets to shy to tell the boy that she likes him.

The problem in the story is that the boy and the girl like each other but they will not tell each other that because they are shy.

The story checkouts is a story about a boy and a girl that fall in love with each other but they will not share it with each other.

Does the boy like the girl more or does the girl like the boy more?  Does the boy and the girl really like each other?  Are the boy and the girl ever going to talk to each other?

I think checkouts was a pretty good story because it was a story challenging and hard to figure out.

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