A Tour In The Appalachians Mountains

The Appalachians Mountains are one of the best places for outdoor activities. This is one of the many places that should be on your bucket list to visit. Here are more details about the Appalachian Mountains.


The Appalachian Mountains is located in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador

Physical Region

-This region mainly has  mountains, volcanic rocks, lots of river valleys and parallel ridges. Due to erosion some mountains have turned into hills. The Appalachian Mountains contain marine sedimentary rocks, volcanic rocks and ancient ocean floor which were deformed due to plates colliding.   The soil here is very good for planting vegetation, it has leached soil and it is known for a fact that agriculture is one of the best incomes in the Appalachian Mountains. Here they grow a variety of deciduous and coniferous trees.  The Appalachian Mountains are also known for their minerals and mining for gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc.



Here in the Appalachian Mountains it's all about admiring mother nature. There are many trails for hiking for example Mount Carleton and Fundy Trail. Here it's encouraged to get out of your car and onto a bike down a bike trail. There are also mountain bike trails located in the Sugarloaf Bike Park. Also, in the Sugarloaf Park there are areas where you can go camping or cross-country and downhill skiing, snow shoeing and snowmobiling however it depends on the season. As you know, there are many rivers in the Appalachian Mountains, and there are a lot of water ways which you can go by kyaking or canoeing or you can always just have a fresh swim in the waters.

Climate Change

Climate change has been occurring due to natural variations such as the earth's orbit where more or less radiation reaches the earth's surface, and volcanic activity where it is increased in CO2 in the air. This is what mainly caused climate change in the past. However, now it is told that recent changes are due to human activities, such as fossil fuel burning which is increasing rapidly and will so in the future as well. Even though, this may all sound bad, the climate has gotten warmer which is a plus to all the people who love out door activities.

Natural Disasters

The Appalachian Mountains have a lot of natural disasters such as tornadoes, and tsunamis but mainly landslides or rock slides. Tsunami's are formed by either an underwater earthquake, landslide or a volcanic eruption. Tornadoes are formed by air rotating because of wind shear and then the air starts to rotate faster creating a funnel cloud which soon touches the ground, thus causing a tornado. Lastly, landslides are formed when plate tectonics moves the soil that covers them moves with it. This isn't and everyday sort of disaster so as long as you check the weather forecast it's as safe as it can get.

Sneak Peak of what hiking can be like;

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