Principles and Elements of Design

This is a point
This is a LINE being drawn by a pencil.
This picture shows differenty COLORS
These dogs show VALUE because they are lighter and darker compared to one another
These are various SHAPES
This picture shows FORM because the faces have depth and dynamic shape
This image uses SPACE to show a figure that is not clearly defined
This picture shows TEXTURE because you can see the different surfaces
This shows BALANCE because each picture is perfectly symmetrical
This shows EMPHASIS because the red circle is the obvious focal point
This shows CONTRAST because the red pencil stands out from the other pencils
This shows RHYTHM because repeated shapes are used
This shows PROPORTION because the closer buildings appear bigger
This shows UNITY because a series of repeated design elements are used
This shows ECONOMY because it is simple yet meaningful
This is a TRIANGLE because it has three closed sides
This shows DENSITY because each box has a different concentration of mass per volume
This is a FILLET because there is a curve between the two faces
This is a MENISCUS because it shows the waters curver
This PI, a number used to calculate the circumference of circles

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