What is business ?

A business is an organisation whose purpose is to produce goods and services to meet the needs of customers. A business is where you make profit or when you sell and buy items.

What is a customer ?

Customers are who's needs are based on good quality, good product range, convenient location, good customers service and a fair price. The problem is that all customers are different and need different things.   

What is a supplier ?

A supplier is a business that sells (supplies) products to another business.

What is a consumer ?

A consumer is the person that uses (consumes) the product.


What is market research ?

Market research is the act of collecting information about the consumers' required and preferences.

What is primary research ?

Primary research is when you independently gather any kind of research for example surveys.

What is secondary research ?

Secondary research is when you use some else ideas to help you start of you business.

What is qualitative ?

Qualitative data is a technique of analyzing many different intellectual developments within society and its also an understanding of human behavior with the reasons behind it.     

What is quantitative data ?

Quantitative data is data can be measured numerically. Things that can be measured precisely - rather than through interpretation - such as the number of attendees at an event, the temperature in a given location, or a person's height in inches can be considered quantitative data.   


What is market map ?

what is market segments ?

Name some expensive shops ?

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