Must Date the Playboy

By: notjustarandomgirl

Must Hate the Playboy is a book about this girl who hates ┬Ęthe playboy" A.K.A. Zach. So the girls name is Tori. She hates Zach because he like her best friend Chloe. Everytime Chloe dates somebody Zach makes Chloe's boyfriends break up with her. So anyways Tori finds out she must date the playboy. Zach says yes just because if he is with Tori then he will hang out with Chloe more. Then They both find out they were both using each other. But they end falling in love. There are two more books after this.

This Is Tori And Zach.

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2 years ago

Good Job! Just watch some of the grammar in your writing - (like starting a sentence with "so"