The Balloon Council

The Purpose

The Balloon Council is an interest group that works to promote safe use and enjoyment of balloons. The multi-issue group aims to preserve the amount of helium present on Earth. It is committed to keeping the public well informed on important issues impacting the balloon business.

How Many People Does the Council Reach

The Balloon Council can impact many people. Science teachers, clowns, party store employees/owners, environmentalists, concerned parents, children, and parade managers are affected by the laws and ideas of the Balloon Council. Even the people watching parades on the television (ex. Rose Parade) are affected by what the Balloon Council achieves. Most citizens of the United States (if they have ever touched or seen a balloon...) are impacted by what the Balloon Council does. Patrons help the Balloon Council to achieve its goals.


The Balloon Council deals with product labeling, maintaining positive media relations, spreading public awareness, and passing legislative initiatives. These are all important to the protection of people and animals against possible death.


There is a helium shortage on Earth. It is projected to run out in about three hundred years, if the rate of consumption stays the same. The Balloon Council attempts to conserve the remaining helium and find ways to possibly recycle it. They also aim to defeat any and all anti-balloon legislation, because balloons are amazing.


They have helped to prevent the (balloon choking) deaths of children. From 1973 on, they have reduced the deaths from the high of seventeen to only four.

The Balloon Council has helped defeat anti-balloon legislation ranging from severe release limitations to total bans in 12 states and seven communities. Click here for more information.

They successfully lobbied the signing into law of the Helium Stewardship Act of 2013. This act avoided a shutdown of the Federal Helium Reserve.


Join the balloon council... Now. It is the most important thing that you will ever do. Children's lives are important. Helium is important. Balloons are important. The End. Just kidding. It is only the beginning... if you join.

By Madison Conway, Evan Kania, Madison Marks, Andrew Puppos, and Erin Snyder

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