In this picture i am with by best friend going to Fall Ball. I have a big family. I have three brothers and one sister, I also have 4 nephes and 2 nieces. My favorite sports are volleyball and Softball.

Three things about myself

I love to Dance

I love to dance. I will dance with my friends or people I just meet if there is a good song on. I had alot of fun this summer with my friends when I had a party and we just broke out dancing. I might not be the best dancer in the world but I try my hardest.


This is where i spend a lot of my time in the summer. I swear sometime during the summer that I am a fish because I love being in the water. The sunsets are really beautiful in the summer.

I love to be in the woods and mudding

During the summer i don't always like being in the water i love being in the woods. I go mudding, trail walking/running/riding, and hunting. This is my safe spot.

My goals

Goal 1.) My first goal is to lose some weight. I feel like i'm over weight and i would like to b under 140 again so that's my first goal.

Goal 2.) My second goal is to be more open to my mom. I hide way to much from my mom i need to learn that she is there for me and not to be a private person.

Goal 3.) I need to learn how to run longer distances. I have a goal of running all the way through a 5K. I have problems running far so i dint run and i want to get my body into the habit of running far.

Where i would love to go.....

I would love to go to Berlin Germany because i have a lot of family history there. I would like to see the country that my family came from.

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