In the response to the Mexico Border Crisis, Denise Honeycutt, General Secretary for UMCOR, writes (to a local church):

Yes, UMCOR is working in the crisis situation. Attached is a 'brief' which shares our work up to now. But things continue to change daily. Late yesterday afternoon we were in dialogue with the government and other faith based organizations about the possibility of UMCOR sending trained case workers in to work with the children as they are begin relocated. That is still not confirmed as of yet. We continue to work with Immigration Task Force of the UMC as well as the Bishops of the church as we seek to address this situation, to offer healing and care to the most vulnerable and marginalized, which of course is the mandate of UMCOR.

At the moment the best thing that can be done by churches is the raise the awareness of our people of faith to this issue and to pray. Because we don't have access to the children at the moment there is not a current need for volunteers or money. For hands on action churches could begin putting together health kits that could replenish the 18,000 that have been sent so far.

We are working to keep our website updated as things change. Thank you so much for being a part of God's mission in our world.