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This ad is for Stacey Stout and it is against Peter Fischer. It was paid for by the Republican Party of Minnesota. The overall mood of the ad is hard to describe. On the side with Peter Fischer it is very dark and the mood is sad. It has a creepy looking picture of him and an apple shrinking. But on the other side it is happy and encouraging. It has a picture of Stacey Stout smiling and teaching kids.

Personally, I think that this ad is ineffective due to the fact that it is so blatantly obvious that she is trying to attack him, in turn making her look worse. Any voter with some sort of brains would see how rude she is being and that she is obviously stretching the truth to her advantage. She uses plain statements that doesn’t have any supporting ideas like “Voted to lower teacher standards”. Her attacks would turn away voters that see what she is doing to try and get voters on her side.

Stacey is misleading about the law that Peter voted to pass but she is not lying. In a way the law did lower teacher standards by allowing them to teach for an entire year without passing their certification test. She says “But Fischer voted to let our students be placed with ineffective teachers year after year.” misleading you from the actual law but still attacking him. Although I personally don’t agree with the law it is still rude and ineffective to attack Peter about a decision that wasn’t just decided by him, but had to pass through many people before passed. She only used ethos because she stretched the truth so much, but if she had just put the entire truth in the ad she probably would have gained more intelligent voters on her side.

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