This is my home room, we spend the first couple hours in here doing math, reading, having fun and other things... We do many projects in this room but, we mostly do our projects on our Chrome books. Last, we play a lot of games that involve math most of the time when we play games (BUT THEY ARE REALLY FUN!!)


I could not wait till my 2 elective came around i love sports and i love to be out going and playing out doors also, being active!! what would I/ WE do with out  sports???

playing out doors of being active makes me forget or take my mind off a paper is do soon.


Technology Treasures  is Fun/HARD!! the fun part is we get to do projects on our computer and they are really fun! The hard part is getting all of how things  

I love fitness fun because, it is like Spectacular Sports were i can be active and play outdoors ( sometimes) but, it is still a lot of fun but, it is even more fun when you do with friends and family or maybe just in a group.!!

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