My name is ACHIM Fetcher. I was born in Germany but moved to America. I live in Macon Georgia in the deep south. I have two slaves. I believe we need to keep slaver unlike many people in the North.

Day 1

1. I harvest my grain

2. I feed the chickens.

3. I feed the cows.

4. I kill one pig

5. I go hunting

6. I go to the general store.

7. I donate two guns.

8. I give supplies to the confederates.

Day 2

Dear son,

       Mother and I miss you very much. I am sadden not able to see you were in a battle. Did You win? Are you hurt? You made the right choice though. I believe what you are doing is for the greater good. Your daughter is doing well. I am not doing to well though I have gotten sick. I hope to be better by the time you return from Gettysburg.

                                                                                              love, Dad

Day 3

1. I went to the bar

2. I then went to a kkk convention

3. I Have not traded with the north in the past year

4. I donated 4% of my crops today

5. I have donated another gun to the confederates.

6. I shot my cow today

7. I butchered the pig I killed two days ago.

8. I did laundry

day 4

           Dear Father,

                  I have been shot two times through the arm. Don't worry though they are healing me well. How are you guys? Also many men died in the battle. I do not know how many people died but my whole squadron died. I hope you feel better father but I must go.

                                                                                        Love, your son

As I read this letter my family shouted in joy but soon mourned for the dead.

day 2

Day 5

I have just learned very good news for the south. Lincoln was murdered. I believe this was a horrid thing to do. Lincoln treated the south well after the war. killing him is going to cause great pain.

For first the moron Booths thinks he just did a great favor. Honestly this is the dumbest thing ever done in the war yet. I believe anyone who sees booths should have him hanged on the spot.

The vice president is treating the south horribly. I knew this would happen ever since Lincoln passed away. The North believes that Southerners wanted this to happen. For me i am going to move to Ohio until this clears over.

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