The Best Explorer You Will Ever See!

Project for Mrs.H

         The year is 1593(#1), and I am an adventurous soul from Russia(#2), with a proposal for you. I have come here, France(#3), just to ask you to found my expedition. Your majesty, King Henry IV(#4), I believe that you are a supreme ruler, which is why I came to you. If you found my expedition, I promise you that I will look for miles and miles of gold, furs, and land(#5). Also, I would keep an eye out for some gold, salt, fur, and land for myself too(#6). I would like to get these resources so I can build a house on the land, get more money from the gold, make some comfortable clothes from the furs, and I would preserve my food with the salt(#7). My ruler, since you desire land, I will head up North to Canada because I’ve heard that it has a lot of land, fur, and hopefully, gold too(#8). Although, we won’t be the only country to explore North America. I know that the Spanish and the English exploring there too(#9). I believe the other European countries were also searching for land, gold, furs, and salt too, so we have to get there before they do(#10). If I encounter any Natives or Europeans, then I will try to communicate, but I will be ready if things get out of hand(#11). I expect to encounter lots of disease and running out of food and water. I will solve these by sending anyone overboard who is sick if I can't cure them, and I will bring a water purifier and limit to one meal a day(#12). I hope you really consider founding me for this exploration.

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