The first Adobe Youth Voices Summit in Palo Alto, the USA

Hello dear friends,

My name's Irina Volynets. I am from Belarus, a small country which borders on Russia in the east, Poland in the west, Latvia in the north and the Ukraine in the south.

I live in Slonim, a small town situated in the west of the country which is famous for its historical sights, churches and cathedrals.

I am a teacher of English and work at Slonim gymnasium 1. I have been teaching English here for 24 years. I have dreamt to become a teacher since my childhood. When I finished school I entered Minsk Institute of Foreign Languages. After graduating from it I returned to work to the school where I had studied. So far I have been working here since then. I teach students of different ages: 11-12 years old ( 6 grade), 13-14 years old (8 grade) and15-16 years old ( 10 grade).

School or my work means a lot for me. I share my ideas about being a teacher in Inside Out Poem. My website about our participation in the iEARN projects

Do you want to learn how we teach English? Enjoy watching the video -a winner of "How We Learn English"video contest organized by the US Ambassy in Minsk.

The kids participating in this project are the students from my group from 8A grade. They are 13-14 years old. They are eager to participate in it in order to learn more about the world they live in, to learn other people better and to see that though we are different we have much in common and we must work together to make our world nicer and better.

I am not new to the IEARN, we have been participating in the IEARN for 15 years. I have been the coordinator of the IEARN projects at our gymnasium for 14 years. I really enjoy working at these projects, especially at ENO, Vision, One Day, Beauty of the beasts,etc and of course, Learning circles. It is a wonderful experience for me and my students.

In my view, the IEARN projects are a wonderful way of teaching English as they stimulate students’ interest, improve their knowledge, broaden their outlook Besides, it’s the best way for students to master their language by means of telecommunications. Students can enrich themselves with the experience of other people, learn more about people from different countries, their history, customs and traditions.

Now a few words about my hobbies and family life.

I am keen on foreign languages and reading different kinds of books. ICT and telecommunicative projects have become one of my favourite pastimes. I have created several blogs and sites to present our works: – my personal site about our participation in the IEARN projects; – ENO Belarus website;;

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