Four SUVs to Buy in India

India is blessed with ample of geographical diversity and variation in climate. From the snow-clad peaks in the North to the dry, sandy beaches in the South, the whole country is filled with multiple terrains. Leaving aside the smooth concrete roads of the city, most parts of the country are connected with tar or mud roads which are in rough condition.

For such rough terrains, you need a multi-terrain vehicle such as an SUV to travel around. Luckily, Indian market does keep these requirements in consideration and different companies have launched SUV equivalents. Here are the top SUVs to buy in India.

1> Mahindra Scorpio

Planning to buy a sturdy car for those rough countryside roads? Look at all new Scorpio from the house of Mahindra. Featuring elegant styling along with a sturdy frame, this vehicle is perfect for any kind of terrain. Powered by a 2.5 litre diesel engine, this new vehicle will help you experience the thrill of exploring various terrains.

2> Mahindra XUV 500

Looking for a powerful vehicle that offers the efficiency of a hatchback and the capabilities of an SUV? Then Mahindra XUV 500 is the perfect car for you. With 2000cc engine and an all-wheel drive driveline; this powerful machine will never keep you trapped in any terrain

3> Toyota Fortuner

Ford cars have always been known for exceptional power and manoeuvrability. Powered by 3 Litre diesel engines and 5 Speed automatic transmission, this car is the best choice to dread on city’s streets and village roads. Despite all the good features, you will have to shell some extra amount than the regular vehicles to own a Fortuner

4> Renault Duster

Looking for a sporty vehicle that consumes fuel economically? Then take a ride in Duster today. Popular for contemporary styling, excellent handling, and superior ride quality, Renault Duster continues to amaze the hearts and minds of millions of car enthusiasts.