Temperate Forest

Lilly Fleming, Tabitha Lane, Mason Woodman, Drew Martin

Tabitha Lane

Geographer- Map/Activities

A few continents that the temperate forest is located in are North America, Europe, and Japan. Two fun things you can do in the temperate forest to have fun and explore nature is hiking and canoeing. Some good sites to see is Adirondack Park, Great Smokey Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, and Shenandoah Mountains.

Mason Woodman

Zoologist-animal life

Two facts that I thought were interesting to me was that the Anteater eat ants and they have long tails. The reason I pick panda is because panda eat bamboo and they are soft and fluffy.

Lilly Fleming

Botanist-plant life

Two things about the botanist that are cool are the sweet gum tree is used in gum and the Sitka spruce sotmg natives believe that the tree was magical.

Drew Martin


This forest has 4 seasons the soil is nutrient. The best time to take a vacation here is Fall. It is because the trees change color and that is beautiful it is berfect weather to play out side. It is a great place to come. You would need to bring a short sleeve shirt and pants and jacket in the Fall. In the summer and Spring shorts and short sleeve shirt. Winter dress warm.

This is a great place to come so please come it will be a wounderful experience.

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