By: Colten Miller



Basic facts

  • Population: 45.7 million
  • Official language: Spanish
  • Capital City: Bogotá
  • Currency: peso
  • Neighboring countries: Venezuela and Brazil


  • Bogota Gold museum.
  • Sierra nevada de santa marta mountain rage worlds highest coastal range.
  • Salt cathedral of zipaquirá an underground roman catholic church.

Local Expressions

  • Saper – to snitch/to betray/to give away
  • ¡nanay cucas! – no way!
  • ¡está caballua! – it is very complicated
  • Foods

    Cuchuco de Trigo: Is a wheat soup from the Boyaca area which is thickened with potatoes, peas and ribs.

    Chunchullo: Fried cow or poultry intestines that have been stuffed.


    • Aguapanela
    • Chocolate en Leche de Coco,
    • Kumis

    Climate, Weather and Geography

    Climate: warm and tropical

    Weather: rainy

    Geography: Mountains, jungles.

    Drug war

    For many year Colombia has been the biggest drug organizations in the world. Now its starting to fall apart. The drug situation in Colombia has started a terrible civil war for the huge drug profit. Even now there are over 300 drug organizations. Drugs are being shipped to many nations of the world for huge profit.

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