Babysitting Basics

By: Makaila M.


         If you want to get the job, start by making flyers. That will get family’s attention. Put your First and Last name, your background (vocab word) with babysitting, and your phone number. First of all your name so the family can know who’s watching their kids. Second your background so that the family can know your past of babysitting. Of course your phone number so the family can call you if you get the job. Then when the family calls you, you need to set up money per hour. Make sure it’s reasonable. Have a great time. Whoa you need to know more.

Advertising and getting the Job

So you want to know about babysitting. Well you’ve come to the right place. My text is about safety, activities, Bedtime and much, much more. I babysit my sisters and my cousins a lot so, I know about babysitting. Get ready for me to fill your brain with knowledge. So grab a pencil and paper because here we go.


         If you want to bring activities for the kiddoe(s) to do bring something like a coloring book and crayons. But for babies you probably don’t want to bring something the baby could choke on. Try a toy train but make sure the baby doesn’t end up with the toy in their mouth. For a boy from 4-6 years old a board game or a coloring book and crayons for a girl from 4-6 years old maybe like a board game. Don’t make it too hard or he or she will get frustrated


         To babysit you need to know about safety to be prepared for the unexpected. Say you smell smoke or see a fire. Grab the kid and get the heck out of there. Then, go to a close neighbor’s house and dial 911. After, call the parents and tell them what happened. Or if someone breaks into the house grab the child (children) get out of the house and call 911. Then just like in a fire call the parents. In case of a tornado get to the lowest point of the house, and stay there until the sirens die down. Also, in case of a flood get to the highest point of the house. I know this isn’t all of the disasters, but it is enough.

Playing Outside

If the child (children) want (s) to play outside, call the parent to make sure it’s safe. If it is make sure the child is dressed and ready for the weather. If something were to happen like the kid would get hurt get the nearest First Aid (vocab word) and heal the cut. Note: make sure the child is safe outside.

Bed Time

         If you’re babysitting around bedtime, be sure that the child is dressed, has his or her teeth brushed, and is into bed on time. If the kid wants a bed time snack make sure it’s healthy like a banana or crackers. Not like a piece of candy or ice cream. But make sure they have their teeth brushed after that.


         Now that I have filled your brain with knowledge are you ready? Did you get all of the steps? Have fun!Make sure to be safe also.


First Aid: a supply of band aids, gauze, and other healing objects.

Background: your past with babysitting.


50-50 that most babysitters get either $15 dollars or more. (A night)

To get your official babysitting you have to be 11 or older.

You can get your official license at Red Cross.