Tribal Case Studies

Fang Tribe

The Fang tribe is mainly known for there guardian figures which they attach to wooden boxes containing bones of the ancestors. There social structure is based on a clan, a group of individuals with a common ancestor. The fang mostly live in hot, humid rain forests of Gabon. The Fang tribe takes up 80% of Gabon's population. The fang wear little to no clothing. The men wore a bark waistcloth and the women wore a plantain girdle and sometimes a bustle of dried grass.Many ethnic groups are terrified of the Fang because of their powerful aggressive tendencies. During the 17th century the Fang were especially known for their practice of cannibalism. The main crops that the Fang enjoy include, bananas, corn, & oil palm. Sometimes they even eat fish, birds, and elephants. But, one of the most cherished food of the Fang tribe include the Goliath frog, one of the worlds largest frogs.

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