Alcohol & Other Drugs

Unit Test Questions


T or F

Marijuana can help protect the body against cancerous tumors. *T or F ?

What is Marijuana's other name? (Not a street name)

A) Marijuana   B) Dope   C) Herb   *D) Cannabis

In which states is Marijuana legal?

A) Maryloand and New York   *B) Colorado and Washington                                          C) Washington and California   D) Minnestoa and Wisconson

Marijuana weakens what?

A) Communication Skills   B) Attention Span   *C) All the above   D) None of the above

Anabolic Steriods

true or false:

athletics are most unlikly to use anabolic steroids? False

Anabolic steroides can be injected? True

Multiple choice:

what are three hazards of Anabolic steroids?

A: lung cancer, breast cancer, hair loss

*B:High blood pressure, acne, and a liver cyst

C: Acne, deepening of voice, Lung cancer

what is a long term effect?

A: lung cancer


*C: Liver cyst

where can you buy steroids?

A : Gas station

*B: Gym

C: Thrift shop


Rohypnol is classified as___?


B) Stimulant


True or False: Rohypnol is considered a "date-rape" drug.


True or False: Rohypnol has no medical uses.


Which is NOT a short-term effect of Rohypnol?


B) short-term memory loss

*C) physical dependence

Rohypnol comes in what form?\

A) weed

B) powder

*C) pill

Who are the people most likely to use Rohypnol?

A) children

B) teens

C) middle-age women

*D) none of these


Multipule Choice

1. What drug type is Cocaine?

a) depressent

*b) stimulants

c) opioids

2. Which age group is most likely to use cocaine

a) 12-17

*b) 18-25


d) 40-60

3.) What race is most likely to do cocaine?

a) Native American

b) Caucasion

c) African American

*d) Hispanic

True or False

4) Cocaine can be snorted, injected, or smoked (true)

5) One long-term effect of cocaine is Brain Damage. (false)


1. True or False: Heroin is not an addictive drug. (False)

2. True or False: Heroin comes from a morphine poppy plant. (True)

3. Symptoms of Heroin are

a) dry mouth

b) pupils dilated

c) nausea

*d) All of the above

4. Who are most likely to use heroin?

a) women are more likely than men

*b)people in their mid 20s

c)white people are more likely

d) 10 year olds

5. It takes how many days for a heroin user to become addicted.

a) 5 days

*b) 3 days

c) 2 days

d) 4 days


1.) True or False. Ecstasy is a depressant.



2.) True or False. There are no medical uses for Ecstasy.



3.) Which is a symptom of using Ecstasy?

A. Headache

*B. Can't feel pain

C. Eye pain

D. Mouth sores

4.) Who is most likey to use Ecstasy?

A. Older people

B. Children

*C. Teenagers

D. 30 year olds

5.) Which are hazards of using Esctasy?

*A. Paranoia

B. Bad dreams

C. Vomiting

D. Ear pain


1. Meth is a:

*A. Stimulant

B. Depressant

C. Opioid

D. Inhalant

2. Meth is:

A. Naturally Occuring

*B. Man made

C. Produced in labs

D. Grown on farms

3. Meth is usually:

A. a liquide

B. a gas

*C. white powder

D. a plant

4. A street name for meth is dog food.


5. A side effect for meth is hallucinations.



1. Who is most likely to misuse inhalants?

A. 35-40

B. 60-70

C. 18-24

*D. 7-17

2. Why do people use inhalants?

A. Easy to get, produce a quick high

B. Peer pressure

*C. both A & B

D. None of the above

3. What are inhalants?

A. Marijuana

*B. Common household products

C. Another name for ecstasy

D. None of the above

4. Inhalants are drugs that produce chemical vapors & are inhaled.


5. There isn't a medical use other than nitrous oxide (medical anaesthetic)


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