Floods!!!  -Piper Jensen

What is a flood???

A flood is water that has risen out of lakes, rivers, and/or streams.  They can make streets be ankle deep in water and sometimes even  

How do floods form???

Floods can happen from too much rain or melted ice, in which it can overflow lakes and rivers. Floods can be triggered by tsunamis and hurricanes as well.  

Danger to property-

The water can cause mold and can make a person really sick.  The flood water may contain toxic waste, garbage, mud, and even dead animals.

Dangers to health-

The water from a flood can destroy a house and cause mold to spawn which can make the house rot and then it will be unlivable.  The mold and water can also destroy personal possessions.

How do you protect your home???

The smart way to protect your home is to put sand bags down all around your house.  But if you live in a common flood area you want to protect your future home, so try to buy a home on the side or on top of a hill.

Floods in history-

The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 was 30 feet in depth and covered 27,000 square miles of the land around the Mississippi River.  It killed 246 in seven states, and caused over $400 million in damages.  The Northern River in China flooded in 1959 and killed 2,000,000 people.

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2 years ago

you need to talk about historical events and compare statistics

2 years ago

You might want a little more information for the how they are formed. Other than that you have great information, and even though it's a storm, that picture is really cool

2 years ago

Thank you and I'll try to have a little more info next time. ;)