Agents of Socialization


My family has had one of the biggest impacts on me in my life. My parents have taught me almost everything I know. They are strict but loving and they have made me the man I am today. My parents have been there for me my whole life. They have supported me through Football, School, and church and have been there every step of the way. My brothers have always been there for me too. I know that they will have my back and they know that I'll always be there to protect them too. Grow up football was always a big thing in my family. My whole family has played and loved football for their whole lives. So my parents were always there for me so I could become the best football player I could be. My parents have never missed a game and my Dad has taken me on many college football visits all across Ohio. When I was younger I loved Scooby Doo it was my favorite TV show.


All of my peers have taught me a lot of things. I've learned how to live and have fun. With my peers in football we became close and learned how to become the best at the game we love since we were kids. In football I could trust all of my friends on and off the field knowing that they would have my back and i would have theirs too. My friends also taught me not care what others thought and be what you want to be.


School has had a huge impact in my life also. Other than just learning it has taught me how go along through society and how to talk to others and how to make friends. I have also learned how schedule my day and how make transitions throughout my day. As i have gotten older school has given me more and more freedoms which will help me make my transition in the world as an adult.

Social Media

Social media also has a big impact because it keeps you in touch with all of your friends and shows you all of the new trends that are out. It keeps you in touch with all of the sport events all of the award shows and it can keep you updated on what and how your friends are doing. It keeps you updated with all the new trends.

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