By: Faith

The St.Joseph River is only one of St.Joseph beautiful waterways/land forms.

Have you ever been to St.Joseph Missouri? Well if you haven't you should come done and see St.Josephs  beautiful  river. There are many other things to do, like for example you can go swimming,hiking,camping,our most of all the St.Joseph State Park.St.Joseph Sate Park  is a place for all ages from one to one hundred and one. Have you ever heard of the Platte River it is a beautiful river that runs thought St.Joseph Missouri.It is a wonderful river gust what you can even go canoeing I bet you wouldn't of gust the would you.OH OH OH and we can't forget  about Jesse James he is a famous Missourian.Did you know there is a museum in St.Joseph called Jesse James Home Museum.There are many different fun hysterical activities to do with your friends and family.There are many fun things to do so what are you waiting for let go to St.Joseph Missouri.

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