Canada is a very diverse country. There are many different things to explore.

The First Nations are a major part in the Canadian culture. Large number of Cree, Micmac, Abenaki, and Ojibwa. They were the descendants of the first settlers from Asia.

Thousands of Chinese from Hong Kong and many Japanese arrived in Canada at the end of the 20th century. Recent refugees have come from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

Unlike the United States, Canada has a prime minister, Stephen Harper. He has been the prime minister since 2006. Canada has a constitutional monarchy where the constitution explains the powers of the government and has allegiance with a king or queen.

Canada has two official languages: English and French. Road signs, newspapers, and advertisements are in both languages.

3/4 of Canada is uninhabited by humans. The biggest cities in Canada are within 100 miles of the United States/ Canada border. That is because there are more opportunities by the U.S. border, transportation is easier and economic opportunities are easier to come by.

Canada is the same in some ways to the United States, but in some ways it is very different. One of the major ways is that Canada has a Prime Minister and they have allegiance with the King or Queen of Britain. Even though the King and/or Queen have no power over the Government they do represent the historical traditions of Canada.

Another way that Canada is similar to the United States is that they have a Charter of Rights and we have a Bill of Rights. Both documents state the rights of citizens and the freedoms that they have. This was passed in 1982.

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