Qualities of Dogtra Dog Training Collars

Have you tried several different techniques to train your pet dog, but to no avail? If so, then you should consider Dogtra Dog Training Collars. Their features provide dog trainers with benefits, including:

1. Sure Stim feature
This is one of the key features of some Dogtra Dog Training Collars. It verifies that you have indeed pressed a stimulation or pager button. You’ll know because the handheld transmitter will receive a positive feedback vibration. Never wonder again if you’ve indeed pressed the button. You can be 100% sure!

2. High ranges
You can find Dogtra Dog Training Collars in various ranges. For example, some have a range up to ½ mile. That range is more than enough when you’re training your dog. The longer range will allow you to use more applications when training your dog.

3. LCD screen
Units with this feature display the level of stimulation that you’re using when training the dog. It functions as verification, so you can be certain about what level you’re using as you train your dog.

4. Various stimulations
Another benefit of Dogtra’s collars is that you can use different vibrations, such as continuous, momentary, or non-simulating vibrations. These options help to increase the various training methods you can conduct.

5. Waterproof collar
This is a great feature when you want to train your dog while it’s raining, or while your pooch is swimming. You won’t have to worry about the collar malfunctioning because it’s contacted water. That’s a huge plus over other dog training collars.

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