Take Earth  

A night full of storytelling , poetry & songs by two world travelers!

                           & バイリンガル・エジュテイナー・くりこ
Performers: Naomi Steinberg Storyteller & Bilingual EduTainer Kurico

Date: April 18, 2015 (Saturday)

時間:19:30 - 21:00(開場 19:00)
Time: 19:30 - 21:00(The door opens at 19:00)

Place: Yoruno Hirune (a book cafe) Suginami-ku Asagayakita 2-13-4

Admission: 1,200 yen


Content: Through storytelling in English (Naomi), poetry in both English
and Japanese (Kurico), and songs in both languages (Naomi & Kurico),
we will explore how to make a map to a happy life. There will also be
Naomi's handmade corsages and Kurico's hand-drawn postcards and
mini poetry books for sale.  



About Naomi Steinberg Storyteller: She is a skilled and innovative storyteller, facilitator, community engagement worker and site-specific installation artist. With over 13 years experience she brings depth, compassion and fun to every context. Goosefeather is an opportunity to stretch her creative wings in a whole new direction.

She has been awarded a British Columbia Arts Council grant for her work as an solo artist as well as Canada Council, Citizenship and Immigration (Multiculturalism), City of Vancouver and Parks Board Monies (among others), for her large scale community engagement initiatives, which she directed through the Vancouver Society of Storytelling.


About Bilingual EduTainer Kurico: Born and raised in Japan, Kurico moved to Canada to go to a high school at age 15. She took a year off from college to teach children in Zambia. Her studies include Education in college, and teaching English as a second language in a graduate school. She taught at American schools and a Japanese school in the U.S. for 11 years. In addition to work, she wrote poems in English and Japanese, took voice lessons, and performed her poems and various songs at open mics and concerts. Kurico returned to Japan last year after 24 years of living abroad, now inspiring children with bilingual poems, world music and art, promoting a fun and rich bilingual life.

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The event was a success! Thank you for coming and thank you for your support.