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Notability is a note taking App that allows you to do many different things surrounding take note and reading files. You are able to use either your finger or a touch pen to create written notes on the iPad. You also have the ability to type the notes if you prefer. You are able to draw and create diagrams to help you give visuals to your notes which is great for studying. There is options that allows you to choose fonts, styles, and even outlines to help you organize your notes. This is perfect for students who struggle with organization within their notes. You are able to insert forms, slides, PDFs and word documents. This allows you to sign, highlight, make notes, and expand on reading materials. This could be beneficial for students who struggle with reading material, and allows for portable text study that they can manipulate to suit their learning and study needs. This also allows your students to have handouts, forms, and power points already loaded to their device so that they can write notes faster and easier. Another great feature that this App holds is the Audio Recording ability. If you are giving a lecture, the students can record notes at the same time you are talking. This allows the student to select a section of the notes, and they can listen to what you where saying at the time they recorded that particular sentence or paragraph. You are also able to take pictures to insert to your text to allow you for further tools. This could provide the students with the ability to take pictures of the task they are doing, pictures of diagrams, pictures of the textbook, etc.

It seems to only be offered to Apple products right now.

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Inspiration Maps
Inspiration Maps is another great App. This App is offers two different selections. Kidspiration Maps which caters to the K-5 range of students. The other, Inspiration Maps suits the needs of grades 4 and up. This App provides the student with the capability to brainstorm in a visual way, organize thoughts and information, understand and make sense of concepts and projects that many be complex, organize notes for both studying or classroom work. Using this App, you can create mind maps and diagrams that allows for organization of thoughts and ideas or just notes that are provided in class time instruction. This provides the user with an ability to document information both quickly and efficiently. This App is also easy to navigate and use so you do not have to spend a lot of time instructing and training the student in how to use it. There is many different templates, outlines and styles of maps you can use, with the ability to insert pictures and change the form of boxes and lines to suit the needs of the learner. To assist the student in forming paragraph, there is the ability to change the visual diagram into a written outline. This helps the student to build skills on how to organize thoughts both visually and written. This is perfect for students that are learning to form paragraphs, essays, or written responses.  

This particular App is only offered for iPad.

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Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an App thats created for Android and iPad. It is a interactive whiteboard and screen casting tool that allows you to create and manipulate documents, pictures, videos, music/sound, Web Browsers. You can  import and export documents, depending on the device, through PDF, DOC, PPT, Keynote, Evernote, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, iTunes, and Email. This App allows the user to  use their finger or a touch pen to create or highlight text. It allows you to add shapes, and colours. It even allows you drawings into videos by moving and creating animation. This App is great for a teacher to use in order to provide great lessons for students. It allows a lesson to be directly placed on the device. This App would also be great for students to create a multimedia way of studying, presenting, displaying understanding of school content. This App could also be used for assignments. Have the student present their knowledge through an App like this would help expand the capabilities of some students who struggle with the traditional assignment methods.

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Examples of how students can use Explain Everything

The World Factbook

The World Factbook is a great tool to allow students to explore information from around the world. This App is great for learning about countries around the world. It could be used as a resource to help students explore beyond the classroom. The great part of this App is that it can work offline, which means you don't have to have internet connection to explore the different regions of the Earth. You are able to explore countries and their locations, flags with full descriptions, colour and locations, geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues. All these categories include definitions in order to gain further understanding. There is also country comparison pages. I highly recommend this for social teachers, especially when teaching Geography and Globalization.

This App is for Apple Products. However, it does say that certain applications do not work on iPhone.

A YouTube Example of World Factbook for iPad

A YouTube Example of World Factbook for iPhone

Due- Super Fast Reminders, Reusable Egg Timers

Due is an App created to make the day go much smoothly with an easy to use schedule builder. You are able to schedule your so that you become organized in you daily activities. It will also allow you to manage your time carefully and build on organization skills. This would be a great App for individuals with memory, organization, and time management difficulties. You are able to set of timers and notifications to allow you to keep informed about your next appointment, or due dates for assignments, exams, work projects, etc. This timers are very persistent and they have an auto snooze which then goes off every minute, hour, or not (depends on the settings you prefer) if there is a overdue reminder until you mark the overdue item complete, reschedule it, or turn off the auto snooze.  This App could benefit just about anyone, although I do suggest students at about a grade 7 and beyond use this App.  Another great feature is that you can have another person reminders through e-mail or messaging. This could be used by the teacher to remind students that use this App to be reminded about due assignments, reading, exams, etc. Also, a good feature this App also allows users to connect to other devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone, Macbook) using iCloud or Dropbox.

This App is only compatible for Apple Products


There is a Video on the Due Web Page

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