Yom Kipper war

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Who: war between Egypt and Syria the prime minister and Syrians presidant

What: A war between Egypt and Syria Egypt didn't want to get in the war but they had to. Egypt had more suppor they had Iraq Jordan Algiria Cuba Morocco and Tunissia. Sirias president just had is rial to count on but they still won the war.

Where: The isrial Irab border.

When: October 6-25 1973.

Why: Because Irab did a surprize attack on Isrial so Isrial had to strike back.

Summery: Also known as the October war the Yom Kipper war broke out on October 7 1973 and ended October 25 1973. The war started by Irab doing a surprise attack  on Is rial. Irab had 300000 more men and 5 more country's but they still lost when the surrendered on October 25 1973.

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