The Lying Games

Book Report, Lauren Crain, Fletcher's 2nd

The names of every book you will ever need.

The Lying Games The 1st Book

Once a not so long ago their were twins that knew nothing of each other. That all changed when the snuff video was posted online. Emma always wanted a family but, how far will she go to avenge someone she never even meet. How far does her sister's killer need to push her to get what they want? How far is too far? Who is that cute boy who wants to know her secrets? Who can she trust and who can she put into this mess of what has become her life? Find out more and pick up this book.

Never have I Ever The 2nd Book

Never Have I ever Been my dead twin sister. Never have I ever wanted to have to solve a murder while MY life was on the line. Never have I ever been so scared that I was a dead woman. Never have I ever been pranked to this extreme. Never Have I ever gone to jail in the back of a cop car by my own will. Never have I ever been grounded. Never have I ever wanted to please a pearson like I do right now. Never had I ever thought these things would be such a big fat lie.

Two Truths and a Lie

1. My name is Sutton.

I don't know a guy I am allegedly in love with

I like a guy who is way out of my league.

2.I am not Emma Paxton.

I have a guy who I'm supposedly to be in love with's blood on my car.

I don't know why their is blood on my car.

Hide And Seek

My life is not actually mine and yet, this is the life I thought I wanted. All except for the fact that everyone I hold dear is a suspect in the search for my sister's killer. Who Might want me dead. Grandma is in town and she knows something. Something big. Is she in on the kill did my sinister sister really do it or my bad dad? Why is it I feel I'm being lied to. Who is Raven ?