Six Tasks That Will Save Motorists From Traffic Accidents

A report published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2011 showed that road traffic accidents are included in the top 20 causes of death in Singapore. It is shown that road-related death rate occurs in 5.28 per 100, 000 of the population. About 269 reported deaths were documented in Singapore in 2011. This resulted to the 175th ranking of the nation in a global perspective with respect to deaths due to traffic accidents. At a glance, the statistics may appear to be un-alarming since the figures are small. However, a closer look will reveal that a nation as small as Singapore has to be bothered by the number of annual deaths due to traffic violations. In connection to this, experts have recommended the observation of six tasks that will save motorists from these accidents.

Heed the signs. Since Singapore is a first-world country, the roadway system of the nation is exemplary. In both the rural and urban areas, cameras are placed to perpetually monitor the road activities. Also,road safety signs are abundant in highways and session roads. These signages remind motorists of the danger that the roads naturally possess, like landslide possibility or dangerous curves, and the other practical tips that are sometimes overlooked by agitated drivers.

Ignore your mobile phone. Over and over, experts and government officials remind drivers that their respective mobile phones must not be used while they are traversing highways. Sending short messages or answering calls while driving divide the driver’s attention. Majority of road-related accidents happen because the driver has failed to offer his or her full attention on the status of the road. This is the reason why several motorists have hit road safety products singapore which are used as barricades by traffic enforcers.

Forego drinking. Drinking prior to driving should never be practiced. While alcoholics may argue that they are aware of the capabilities and can still drive even under the influence of alcohol, substantial number of road deaths happened because the driver’s mind and eyesight were hazy due to the effects of alcoholic beverages. To address this, drunken drivers can just take the taxi or ask their friend’s to drive for them in order to evade the danger of drunk driving.

Befriend the seat belt. Seat belt law is implemented in many areas of the world. Unfortunately, many drivers, especially young adults, do not practice this golden rule. Authorities do not understand why it is so hard for these defiant drivers to use their seat belts since such activity is so simple.

Observe speed limits. Speed limits are created for a reason. The people who devised this ideal driving pace have investigated the topography of the highway and the volume of the vehicles in order to recommend the best speed limit that will save the lives of the motorists.

Check your route. Usage of electric maps will help drivers who will visit distant places for the first time. If it’s possible, the driver must bring someone who is familiar with the roadway in order to be aware of the potential danger of the highway. Also, the driver can employ preliminary research about the features of the highway so as to mentally prepare him or herself about the demands of the trip.

It is not true that humans can’t do anything about accidents. Certain precautionary measures can be done to prevent road-related accidents. Six of these tasks are mentioned in this article. Although these tips may appear to be simple, serious observation of these tasks will significantly reduce the road-related deaths among Singaporeans.

Six Tasks That Will Save Motorists From Traffic Accidents