Goodbye to 2013...

2013 had 365 days of ups and downs...

January-I started off the new year by taking a trip to Italy with the family. The trip was cut short when my brother got sick. When I got back to school, a boy in my class was sparking some drama. One of my friends, Molly just broke up with him because of me, because we were only eleven and twelve after all. My family and I went to Phoenix Comic Con.


February- Over Christmas break, my two rabbits, Snow and Barbie unfortunately died, so my mom went to a shelter and bought a rabbit named Cookie. We also got a free stray rabbit named commit, and by the looks of it he was a domestic rabbit that escaped his hutch.

Cookie(on the bottom) and Commit (on the top)

March- March was full of nothing but my daily routine: Wake up, go to school, go home, sit on the couch and watch anime (soul eater) while eating potato chips.

My obsession for a month straight.

April- April was full of school drama, people that I called friends started hating me for nothing. That's when I realized that true friends are the ones that will stick by you through ups and downs. My memory is not very sharp so this month was a blur, I just recall that we made up somehow... Or so I thought.

May- My 6th grade class was going to take a trip to Catalina, I heard some good comments on it and bad ones as well. When we got on the ship called "The American Pride" the crew seemed intimidating. Any mistake you make like volunteering or saying something they don't like your either going to do push-ups or clean the toilet. I personally regretted this trip.

June- Summer is here that means swimming, sleeping in, doing nothing, and no homework! Just kidding for me its camping with the family, chores, arm bar, choke, throws, and komura reps, and waking up early!

July- My dad's side of the family came over for the fourth of July, and the took me back to Los Angeles for a week. My week included Disneyland and a wedding.

August- Summer was over and school has started. It was a new school since my elementary school didn't have a middle school. It was nerve racking, I don't know anyone, and this was my first time with uniforms. The first person I met was Athena Cutler and Natasha.

Athena Cutler

September- I started hanging out with Rachel sharing our love for anime and nightcore (type of music).

October- In computer science my computer was dying so I needed to sit next to a table close to a charger the closest one was with three girls: Kayla, Faith, and Alysha. I didn't mind asking them to sit here since we did a project together in the past. Then I started sitting with them at lunch, being introduced to Hailey and Mya. Since then we all became close friends. So thanks dying laptop.

November- On the eighth it is my brothers birthday, my mom made a lego themed cake for him and his friend's.

December- Winter break is coming up. We celebrated Annie's party by lazer tagging and kicking butt! On Christmas I got to see my family once again. Having a large get together with family and most important...FOOD!!!

Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014

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